Grain Cart Unverferth 1620 shipped by Atlantic Project Cargo

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The International Shipping of the Grain Cart Unverferth 1620

In the vast world of agricultural equipment, the Grain Cart Unverferth 1620 stands out as a titan. Its impressive size and capabilities make it a sought-after piece of machinery for farmers and agricultural businesses worldwide. Recently, we had the privilege of shipping this behemoth, showcasing our expertise in handling large-scale equipment with precision and care.

The Magnitude of the Grain Cart Unverferth 1620

The Grain Cart Unverferth 1620 is not just any ordinary piece of agricultural equipment. It’s a testament to modern engineering, designed to handle vast quantities of grain with ease. Its dual-auger system ensures efficient grain handling, making it a valuable asset for large-scale farming operations.

Our Shipping Process: A Testament to Precision

Shipping such a colossal piece of equipment is no small feat. The Grain Cart was first transported on an RGN truck, designed to handle oversized loads. This ensured that the equipment was safely and securely transported to the port, ready for its oceanic journey.

Upon reaching the port, the Grain Cart was then loaded onto an Ocean flat rack, a specialized shipping container designed for large and heavy equipment. This method ensured that the Grain Cart was protected from the elements and potential damages during its voyage across the Atlantic.

The Journey of GRAIN CART shipping

Yet, with our meticulous planning and execution, the Grain Cart Unverferth 1620 was delivered in pristine condition, right on schedule. Such punctuality and precision are a testament to our commitment to excellence, ensuring that our clients receive their equipment in the best possible condition.

Safety First: Pre-Delivery Checks

Before any equipment is delivered, safety is our utmost priority. For the Grain Cart Unverferth 1620, a series of pre-delivery checks were conducted:

  • Wheel Nuts: Ensuring that all wheel nuts were torqued to the correct setting is crucial. Regular checks during the initial break-in period and periodic checks afterward guarantee the safety and longevity of the equipment.
  • Hitch Compatibility: The hitch style of the cart must be compatible with the tractor. This ensures smooth operations and prevents potential damages.
  • Power Take-Off (PTO): Adequate clearance between the telescoping PTO and tractor hitch is vital. This prevents any potential clashes during operations.
  • Hydraulic Systems: All hydraulic cylinders were run, and fittings and seals were inspected for any leakage.
  • Augers: The alignment of the upper and lower augers was checked to ensure smooth grain handling.
  • Gearbox: The gearbox oil level was checked and topped up if necessary.
  • Lighting & Safety Features: The lighting system of the tractor and the grain cart were checked for functionality. Safety chains were also inspected and installed correctly.
  • Tires: All tires were inflated to the specified air pressure to ensure optimal performance and safety.

The international shipping of the Grain Cart Unverferth 1620 is a testament to our dedication to excellence. From the initial stages of transportation to the final delivery checks, every step was executed with precision and care. For those seeking a reliable partner for shipping large-scale agricultural equipment, look no further. With our expertise and commitment, we ensure that your equipment reaches its destination in impeccable condition, ready to take on the challenges of modern agriculture.

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