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Navigating International Waters: The Journey of the BOAT STEIGER CRAFT MODEL 255

The vast expanse of the ocean has always been a symbol of adventure and discovery. For boat owners, this expanse represents both a playground and a challenge, especially when it comes to transporting their prized vessels across international waters. Enter the world of international boat shipping, where expertise meets experience, and where challenges transform into seamless solutions.


Atlantic Project Cargo recently undertook a project that stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence in the realm of boat shipping. The BOAT STEIGER CRAFT MODEL 255, a vessel known for its robust design and impeccable performance, needed to be transported internationally. The journey began on an RGN truck, ensuring the boat’s safety and security during its land transit. 

This phase was followed by the oceanic leg of the journey, where the boat was securely placed on an Ocean flat rack, making its way to its destination country. The distance covered and the time taken are reflective of our dedication to efficiency and punctuality.

Why International Boat Shipping is the Way to Go

Relocation: As life takes you to new shores, your boat should follow. Whether it’s a change of residence or a desire to explore new waters, boat shipping ensures your vessel is with you every step of the way.

Time Efficiency: While sailing across oceans is an adventure, it’s also time-consuming. Boat shipping allows you to reach your destination faster, with your boat joining you shortly after.

Maintenance & Repairs: Sometimes, the best care facilities aren’t nearby. Shipping your boat ensures it gets the best treatment, no matter the distance.

Safety First: Certain routes and seasons are best avoided for direct sailing. Professional boat shipping ensures your vessel bypasses these challenges safely.

Cost Dynamics

The cost of boat shipping is influenced by multiple factors. The boat’s dimensions, the distance to be covered, and the final destination play significant roles. For instance, international boat shipping can range from a few thousand dollars to much more, especially for larger vessels.

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Cost Implications

Several factors influence the cost of boat shipping. The size of the boat, the distance covered, and the destination play pivotal roles. For instance, international boat shipping can range from $3,000 to a staggering $15,000 or more, especially for large yachts.

Methods in Vogue

Boat Trailer: Predominantly for overland transport, especially for boats stored on personal properties or specific marine facilities.

Waterway Transit: For larger boats, using navigable channels can be cost-effective and efficient.

Flatbed or Multi-Boat Trailers: When a boat surpasses the dimensions suitable for regular trailers, these come into play.

Specialized Boat Transport Ships: Ideal for long-distance and intercontinental journeys, ensuring the boat remains in pristine condition.

Selecting the Right Shipping Partner

Credentials: Ensure they possess the necessary licenses and authorizations.

Insurance: Both the shipping company’s and your own insurance should be in place.

Transparent Payment Terms: Understand the payment structure and ensure there are no hidden costs.

Tracking: For peace of mind, opt for companies that offer real-time tracking of the shipping process.

Atlantic Project Cargo's Commitment

At Atlantic Project Cargo, we pride ourselves on our expertise in boat shipping. The recent successful shipment of the BOAT STEIGER CRAFT MODEL 255 is a shining example of our capabilities. With us, you’re not just choosing a service; you’re opting for peace of mind, efficiency, and a guarantee that your boat, be it a small vessel or a luxury yacht, will reach its destination in impeccable condition.

In the realm of international boat shipping, we don’t just participate; we lead. Let us steer your boat’s next journey. Experience unparalleled service with Atlantic Project Cargo.

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