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Perishables are more than just food items; they represent the passion and hard work of farmers, producers, and industries, looking to bring the freshest products to global markets. But to ensure these delicate items reach their destination in optimal condition, you need a reliable partner who understands the intricacies of perishables shipping. That’s where Atlantic Project Cargo comes into the picture.

From Chile to the USA: A Case in Point

Let’s consider a recent shipment we executed from Chile to the USA. This route isn’t just any route. South America, and Chile, in particular, has been an emerging market for various perishable products. Given the region’s diverse climate, it can produce a range of products that are in high demand in North American markets.

The shipment, transported by truck, showcased Atlantic Project Cargo’s commitment to precision, speed, and care. Every stage of the process was meticulously planned, from selecting the optimal route to the precise temperature settings required to maintain product freshness.

Why Choose Atlantic Project Cargo for Perishables?

Shipping perishables is not just about swift deliveries. It’s about maintaining the integrity of the products, ensuring they arrive fresh, and in impeccable condition. The journey from farm to table, especially on an international scale, is a rigorous one. It’s this journey Atlantic Project Cargo has mastered.


We bring a wealth of experience to the table. Our knowledge about different perishables ensures that each product gets the treatment it deserves. We're not just transporting goods; we're delivering quality.

Latest Technology

In the age of technology, we employ the latest tools to ensure real-time tracking, temperature control, and swift deliveries. Our trucks and containers are designed to maintain the perfect environment for your perishables.

Dedicated Team

Our team is our strength. Trained professionals ensure every aspect of the shipping process is seamless and efficient, guaranteeing your perishables are in safe hands.

Future of International Perishables Shipping

The international shipping landscape is continually evolving. With rising demands, diversifying markets, and changing regulations, the need for a reliable shipping partner has never been more crucial. Atlantic Project Cargo is not just about meeting current needs; we’re about anticipating future challenges and preparing for them.

For businesses looking to make their mark in the international perishables market, it’s time to align with a partner who understands the stakes, offers solutions, and delivers results.

Perishables are the lifeline of many businesses. They are symbols of freshness, quality, and trust. By choosing Atlantic Project Cargo, you’re not just opting for a shipping service. You’re selecting a partner dedicated to upholding the values your perishables represent. Dive into the world of international perishables shipping with confidence, and let Atlantic Project Cargo lead the way. Together, we can bridge distances and bring the world closer, one shipment at a time.

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