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A sturdy chartering service is vital when transporting cargo, especially for specialized and unique shipments. Atlantic Project Cargo offers various vessel chartering solutions to meet clients’ diverse needs. Our company can handle it all for hazmat, heavy and oversized cargo, humanitarian aid, remote destinations, aerospace, automotive, energy, oil & gas, or even boats and yachts.


Atlantic Project Cargo provides vessel chartering services for various types of cargo, ensuring that each shipment is in care with precision and care. Let’s have a look at some of the cargo categories we specialize in.

Aerospace cargo
We understand the specialized requirements of the aerospace industry. Our company can transport aerospace components, equipment, and machinery with utmost care and precision.

Automotive cargo
Whether transporting vehicles or automotive parts, our vessel chartering service offers reliable and efficient solutions for the automotive industry.

Boats and Yachts
Our expertise extends to the transportation of boats and yachts. With our partners, we ensure these valuable assets have safe and fast shipping.

Energy, Oil & Gas
We provide services for the energy, oil & gas sectors, delivering equipment, machinery, supplies to offshore locations and remote oil rigs.

We have expertise in transporting hazardous materials, ensuring compliance with all safety regulations and guidelines to guarantee a safe journey for your cargo.

Heavy and Oversized cargo
Our fleet of heavy lift vessels can safely and efficiently transport extremely massive or bulky loads, such as industrial machinery.

Humanitarian cargo
We are committed to supporting humanitarian efforts globally. We can transport relief supplies, medical equipment, and other essential goods to needy areas.


Our company follows a streamlined execution process to ensure a smooth and efficient shipping experience. Here are the key steps.

Pickup and Delivery

Atlantic Project Cargo handles the entire logistics process, from picking up the cargo at the origin location to delivering it to the designated destination. Our team ensures efficient handling and monitoring of the shipment throughout the journey.

Prepare the Cargo for Vessel Chartering

Adequate preparation of the cargo is crucial to ensure its safe transportation. This step involves disassembly, crating, rigging, customs clearance, insurance arrangements, documentation preparation, and other necessary steps to secure and protect the cargo.

Request a Quote

Begin by contacting Atlantic Project Cargo for a detailed quote tailored to your specific requirements. Provide essential information such as the type of cargo, dimensions, origin and destination locations, desired pickup date, and any additional demands or specific documents.


Each vessel is carefully selected to meet specific transportation needs. Let’s have a look at their types.

Coasters are smaller vessels suitable for operations near ports or on short sea routes. While they may not be suitable for long ocean crossings, they are an efficient option for regional transportation.

Heavy Lift
Designed for transporting extremely heavy or oversized industrial machinery, heavy lift vessels provide the necessary infrastructure and equipment to handle challenging freight.

These versatile, multipurpose cargo ships are ideal for transporting dry and irregular shipments. Equipped with their cranes, they facilitate efficient loading and unloading operations at departure and destination ports.

Short for “Roll on–Roll off,” these cargo ship charters specialize in transporting vehicles on wheels, such as cars and trucks. They feature ramps and platforms for easy loading and secure immobilization of various types of vehicles.

Primarily used in offshore roles, semi-submersible platforms are specialized marine vessels employed in the oil and gas industry. They can accommodate drilling rigs, safety vessels, and oil production platforms.

Tugs and Barges
Tugs are essential for maneuvering large vessels in confined areas or when a vessel has lost power. Conversely, barges feature a flat loading area and transport cargo on inland waterways. Some barges require tugs for movement as they lack propulsion capabilities.

Atlantic Project Cargo maintains direct communication with our partners as charter brokers, ensuring flexibility, cost-efficiency, and prompt response times. To guarantee successful transports, our experienced supervisors and port captains oversee the entire process. They control loading and transshipment to discharging, while adhering to industry standards and regulations.


To obtain a comprehensive quote for your Atlantic Project Cargo vessel chartering service, please provide the following information:

  • Origin and Destination
    Please provide specific information regarding the pickup and delivery locations of the cargo.
  • Other Demands/Documents
    Please also provide details if any specific demands or additional documents are necessary for your shipment.
  • Pickup Date
    Indicate the desired date or timeframe for the pickup of the cargo.
  • Type of Cargo
    Please provide a detailed description of the cargo, including its nature, dimensions, weight, and special handling requirements.

By providing this information, Atlantic Project Cargo can offer you a customized quote that meets your needs and ensures a seamless shipping experience.



Certain documents are essential for smooth shipping when engaging our vessel chartering service. Some of the necessary documents may include:

  • Bill of Landing
    It is a legal document that serves as a shipment contract between the shipper and the carrier. It includes details about the cargo, terms, and conditions of transportation.
  • Commercial Invoice
    The document describes the goods, including quantity, price, and other relevant information for customs clearance and billing purposes.
  • Customs Documents
    Various customs documents, such as import/export declarations, certificates of origin, and permits, may be required depending on the nature of the items and the countries involved in the shipment.
  • Packing List
    It is a document that itemizes the contents of each package or container, specifying each item’s quantity, weight, and dimensions.

At Atlantic Project Cargo, we’re not just a shipping company; we’re your dedicated logistics partner. We take pride in understanding your specific needs and delivering solutions that exceed expectations.

Ready to chart your course? Contact us today and let our expertise guide your next international shipment.