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Moving tractors presents unique logistic challenges. Atlantic Project Cargo is an expert company that specializes in agricultural equipment transportation. We make your tractor transportation free from worry and hassle.


A tractor, also known as a “farm tractor” is a powerful, versatile vehicle specially designed for pulling and pushing heavy agricultural machinery and attachments. Tractors are used for plowing fields, planting seeds, harvesting crops, and performing other tasks.


Here’s a breakdown of the popular categories of tractors, each with its own set of strengths and ideal applications:
  • Utility. These versatile mid-range machines handle various tasks, from mowing lawns and hauling trailers to light tillage and haymaking;
  • Row Crop. Designed for heavy-duty work in large fields, particularly planting and harvesting row crops like corn, soybeans, and cotton. 
  • Orchard. These compact and maneuverable machines thrive in orchards and vineyards;
  • Garden. Lightweight and affordable, these tractors tackle basic tasks like mowing, tilling small gardens, and hauling light loads;
  • Sub-Compact. More powerful and versatile than garden tractors, they handle heavier tasks;
  • Compact. Ideal choice for a wider range of tasks on medium-sized farms;
  • High-Horsepower. Built for demanding tasks like deep plowing, handling large attachments, and working on large fields;
  • Articulated. Their unique steering system allows them to bend in the middle, making them incredibly maneuverable;
  • Track. Have tracks instead of wheels, and can work in muddy, wet, or uneven ground;
  • Four Wheel. Have great traction and stability on slippery or uneven terrain, because all four wheels are powered.


Moving a tractor across the US can be a logistical nightmare. From trailer choice to navigating state and federal regulations.

Tractor Road Transportation Methods

  • Flatbed
    These trailers offer open-air transport for standard-sized tractors;
  • Step-Deck
    Have a lowered center section and provide additional clearance for tractors with high exhaust pipes or roll bars;
  • RGN
    Offer maneuverability for tight turns and have a detachable front section for easier loading and unloading.

Railroad Transportation

Suitable for long-distance hauling, and a great choice for multiple tractor transportation.

Regulations and Permits

The US is a patchwork of state rules and regulations governing oversized vehicle transport. The restrictions you might encounter:

  • Weight limits. Each state has varying limits for single vehicles and axles;
  • Width and Height Restrictions. Standard highway width is 8.5 feet, but some states allow wider vehicles with permits. Similarly, height restrictions typically fall around 13.6 feet, with exceptions again requiring permits;
  • Escort Vehicles. For wide or heavy tractors, some states mandate escort vehicles for safety. 

Atlantic Project Cargo has experienced professionals who can navigate legalities and logistics, while you can focus on your business tasks.


Shipping tractors across international borders is a hard task. There are a lot of regulations and restrictions from country to country.

Methods of Maritime Shipping

There are several options for shipping your tractor:

  • Container. Safe, secure, and weatherproof. Larger tractors can be disassembled to fit high-cube or standard containers;
  • Roll-on-Roll-off. The tractor is driven directly on the ship, and there is no need for disassembly;
  • Breakbulk. For oversized equipment, that can’t fit Ro-Ro ships.

International Restrictions and Regulations

International shipping demands compliance with regulations and restrictions:

  • Compliance with local import/export rules;
  • Size and weight restrictions;
  • Customs Clearance and Inspections;
  • Licenses and certificates;
  • Customs declarations and more.

Atlantic Project Cargo is an experienced forwarder that can navigate the complex world of international shipping. We will help you to comply with regulations, prepare the necessary documents, and much more.


Multiple factors affect the final cost, such as:

  • Tractor characteristics (size, weight, model, type);
  • Disassembly and reassembly;
  • Transportation method (road, rail, ocean);
  • Method of sea transportation (container, Ro-Ro, breakbulk);
  • Container availability;
  • Direct or with multiple transit countries;
  • Permits and licenses;
  • Customs clearance and others. 


We are a one-stop solution for shipping agricultural equipment. We specialize in heavy and outsized cargo and our team has the skills and knowledge to overcome any obstacle. Our extensive network stretches across the globe and we collaborate with you to find cost-effective options.