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Atlantic Project Cargo knows the critical role farm equipment plays in the success of agricultural operations. Our extensive experience and comprehensive services ensure that farm equipment, including plows, is handled with care, regardless of size. Our team can haul various farm equipment using our vast network and knowledge of laws, regulations, and permits.
With over two decades of industry leadership, Atlantic Project Cargo is the trusted choice for farmers and agricultural specialists. We promise to transport your farm equipment and heavy machinery precisely, quickly, and professionally.

What is a Farm Plow?

Farm plows are significant in agriculture, serving as the essential tool in soil preparation for sowing crops. They function by slicing through the soil, turning it over, and breaking it apart to incorporate crop residues and fertilizers and facilitate aeration. Plows can enhance crop yields by creating a more suitable environment for seed germination and growth. Modern plows have evolved from their early versions, with technological advancements contributing to increased efficiency, reduced labor requirements, and the ability to manage larger fields.

What are the Different Types of Farm Plows?

  • Moldboard Plows prepare the soil by turning over the upper layer of the earth, bringing fresh nutrients to the surface.
  • Chisel Plows provide deep tillage to break up hardpan layers, improving soil structure and drainage.
  • Disc Plows are suitable for harsh soil conditions, using rotating discs to cut and turn the soil.
  • Rotary Plows, also called rototillers, pulverize and aerate the soil, preparing it for planting.
  • Subsoil Plows break up subsoil layers without disturbing the topsoil, promoting deeper root growth.
  • Ridging Plows create ridges and furrows for specific crops.
  • Reversible Plows turn the furrow slice to the right or left for use in both directions in the field.


Transportation of heavy cargo, heavy equipment, and industrial machinery from state to state or across the country employ various methods to ensure safe and efficient delivery, including:

  • Railway Transport: Economical for moving bulky machinery across vast distances without urgent deadlines.
  • Road Shipping Methods:
    Flatbed Trailers: Commonly used for large machinery, ensuring secure anchoring.
    Semi-Truck: Suitable for medium-sized machinery with route flexibility.
    RGN (Removable Gooseneck): Ideal for tall machinery with a detachable front.
    Lowboy and Gooseneck Trailers: Suitable for moving tall and heavy machinery.

“Oversize load” signs and security vehicles are common for transporting oversized equipment.


International shipping of the heavy machinery and cargo requires a thorough strategy to navigate the complex issues associated with international logistics, including compliance with international shipping regulations, customs procedures, and logistics management across vast global distances.

Atlantic Project Cargo offers clients expertise in both ocean freight and air freight:

  • Ocean Freight:
    RoRo (Roll-on/Roll-off): Cost-efficient for wheeled cargo.
    Flat Rack Shipping: Utilizes open-sided flat rack containers for oversized machinery.
    Container Shipping: Suitable for smaller machinery or components.
    LoLo (Lift-on/Lift-off): Utilizes cranes for non-drivable items.
  • Air Freight:
    While being a more expensive alternative to ocean shipping, air freight is a viable option for the time-sensitive shipment of heavy and oversized cargo.


  • The weight and dimensions of the equipment significantly affect the price.
  • The transportation distance also factors in, with longer distances incurring higher costs.
  • The choice of transportation method, whether by land, sea, or air, can impact the cost.
  • Import and export duties, taxes, and insurance also affect shipping costs.


  • Specialized Heavy And Outsized Cargo.
    We are uniquely skilled in delivering expertise when managing the distinct challenges tied to transporting Heavy Cargo Equipment.
  • Global Logistic Network.
    We deliver efficient, timely, and dependable international cargo movements.
  • Tailored Shipping Solutions.
    We provide custom transport plans suited to your equipment’s specifications and destination.
  • Comprehensive Regulatory Compliance.
    Our team ensures timely deliveries by adhering to shipping laws and regulations at all stages.
  • Cost-Effective Options.
    Collaborative planning to secure budget-friendly and safe transportation for your heavy and oversized cargo.


Atlantic Project Cargo provides comprehensive shipping services on all types of equipment, including:

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