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Bulldozers play a vital role in construction and other industries, and delivering them is a hard task.

Atlantic Project Cargo offers a wide range of services, that include, but are not limited to agricultural, construction, and industrial equipment shipping.


A bulldozer, also known as a dozer or crawler, is a powerful machine used for pushing large amounts of earth, sand, rubble, or rock. In construction, they are used for land clearing, leveling ground for foundations, digging trenches for utilities, pushing garbage and much more.


Here are some of the different types of bulldozers commonly used in construction, mining, agriculture, and other industries:
  • Crawler. These have continuous tracks for superior traction on rough terrain like mud, hills, and loose soil; 
  • Wheel. These move faster on paved surfaces and more maneuverable in tight spaces; 
  • Mini. Perfect for small-scale jobs like landscaping, gardening, and demolition;
  • Swamp Bulldozers or Marsh Buggies. These specialized bulldozers can work in watery or soft terrains like swamps, marshes, and bogs; 
  • Angled Blade. Their blades tilt at an angle, making them ideal for ditching, grading slopes, and creating embankments;
  • Hybrid. These combine a traditional engine with an electric motor, reducing emissions and fuel consumption;
  • Rear Ripper. Equipped with a powerful ripper at the back, these bulldozers break up hard ground, rocks, and frozen soil. 

The choice of bulldozer type depends on the nature of the project, the terrain conditions, the required maneuverability, and the tasks it needs to perform.


Bulldozers pose unique challenges when it comes to long-distance travel. It could be hard to navigate different types of transportation, complex regulations, and state-specific restrictions.

Transport Options

  • Flatbed Trailers
    This method is suitable for most bulldozer sizes and weights;
  • Lowboy Trailers
    For taller bulldozers with clearance issues;
  • Rail Transport
    Less flexible in routing and delivery times, but cost-effective and great for multiple bulldozer transportation.

Regulations and Restrictions

  • Permits
    Oversized and overweight loads require permits from each state your bulldozer travels through. For example, in California, permits are required for loads exceeding 80.000 lbs. or 10’6’’ wide. ;
  • Route Planning
    Some routes aren’t be suitable for heavy machinery equipment transportation, because of low bridges, narrow tunnels, and weight-restricted loads;
  • Escort Vehicles
    Oversized cargo in some states requires escort vehicles for safety.

Choosing a reputable and experienced transportation company specializing in heavy equipment hauling can ensure smooth and safe delivery.


Sending bulldozers across continents requires careful planning and expertise. Let’s have a look at regulations, methods of shipping, and restrictions.

Transportation Options

  • Ro-Ro vessels
    These specialized ships allow heavy machinery to be driven on and off, eliminating the need for lifting equipment;
  • Flat Rack Containers
    Suitable for bulldozers that cannot fit inside standard containers. The open-top design allows easy loading and unloading with cranes;
  • Breakbulk Shipping
    For oversized or disassembled bulldozers, individual components are shipped separately and reassembled at the final destination. 

International Restrictions and Regulations

  • Import/ Export Permits
    Differ from one country to another. For example, China has strict import regulations that limit bulldozer sizes and add paperwork;
  • Customs Clearance
    Requires the preparation of detailed documentation (invoices, bill of lading, proof of ownership, and so on). For example, Brazil has complex bureaucratic procedures for importing bulldozers;
  • Weight and Dimension Limitations
    Can affect routes and shipping methods because each country has restrictions on the weight and dimensions of cargo allowed on shipping vessels and through ports;
  • Dangerous Goods Regulations
    Fuel and batteries used in a bulldozer, may be classified as dangerous goods;
  • Additional Regulations
    Used bulldozers require cleaning and inspection before importation in certain countries (Australia, New Zealand, and others). 

Atlantic Project Cargo specializes in the international shipping of heavy machinery, including bulldozers. We will expertly guide you through the process of shipping, and ensure your machine gets to its destination safely and efficiently.


Here’s a breakdown of the main cost drivers:

  • Transportation method (Ro-Ro, flat rack, breakbulk, railroad, trailer);
  • Distance and route (transit zones, special permits, escorts);
  • Bulldozer size and weight;
  • International regulations and permits (import/export permits, customs clearance);
  • Demand;
  • Final destination (door-to-door delivery and so on).

Understanding these factors will help you to ship your heavy machinery without breaking the bank.


We are heavy cargo shipment specialists with an extensive network and personalized approach. We find the perfect balance between budget and efficiency and handle every detail, from paperwork to permits.