Top 15 Combine Harvester Producers

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In the previous article we discussed the Top 10 Tractor Companies, today we will focus on harvesters.

From the huge plains of the US to the rice paddies of Asia, the combine harvesters play a crucial role in modern agriculture. These machines efficiently gather and process essential grains.

In this article, we will have a look at the top 15 combine harvester producers. From established giants like John Deere and CLAAS to niche players like Versatile and ISEKI, with machines for specific needs and terrains.


John Deere (USA)

The green giant remains at the Top 1 with its X9 1100, which has the title of the world’s largest combine harvester. Their focus on innovation and diverse product range solidifies their leading position.

John Deere offers a wide range of harvesters for different needs. For small grains – S680 and T560, for corn and soybeans – S780, S790 and X9 1100, and for forage crops 8000 series. 


CLAAS (Germany)

Renowned for their Lexion series, CLAAS offers high-performance harvesters for various crops and terrains. Their emphasis on operator comfort and efficiency keeps them in the top spot. 

CLAAS offers harvesters for a wide range of needs such as Nexos, Tucano, Lexion 760, Lexion 5800, Lexion 7900, and Lexion 8000 series.


New Holland Agriculture (USA)

Owned by CNH Industrial, New Holland’s CR series, like the CR 10.90, showcases cutting-edge technology and fuel efficiency, appealing to modern farmers.

The most famous models include: TC5.90, CX5.80, CR 10.90, CH 7.70, and New Holland FR Series.


AGCO Corporation (USA)

Home to the powerful Massey Ferguson, AGCO helps both small and large-scale farms. Their focus on affordability and user-friendliness makes them a popular choice.

Their famous combine harvesters include: Activa 7342, MF 6700 S, IDEAL 9T, MF 9S, and RB F PROTEC.


Case IH (USA)

Another giant under CNH Industrial, Case IH’s Axial-Flow series, including the 9250 Axial-Flow 250, is known for its durability and high grain throughput.

Well-known combine harvesters are Axial-Flow 5140, Case IH 6150, Axial-Flow 6230, Axial-Flow 7250, Axial-Flow 8240, and AFS VectorDrive™ Forage Harvesters.


Fendt (Germany)

Owned by AGCO, Fendt’s IDEAL series offers high horsepower and advanced harvesting features like automatic grain flow adjustment, contributing to their global presence.

Among the known models are IDEAL 10T, IDEAL 7, Katana 880, and IDEAL 9T.


Sampo-Rosenlew (Finland)

Specializing in smaller, self-propelled harvesters like the Comia C24 2Roto, Sampo-Rosenlew caters to niche markets and unique terrains, making them a valuable player.

The company’s is famous models are Comia C6/C8, Comia C10/C12, Comia C14/C20/C24, and Sampo-Rosenlew HR46x.


Deutz-Fahr (Germany)

With their C9300 series, DEUTZ-FAHR focuses on powerful and versatile harvesters, integrating high-horsepower engines and user-friendly cabins for operator comfort.

The well-known models include C6305 TS, C5305, C7206 TS, C9206 TS, and Deutz-Fahr C9306.


Yanmar (Japan)

Yanmar has carved a niche in the compact harvester market, offering solutions like the YH850 and AW70GV, particularly popular for rice and small grain harvesting. Their focus on fuel efficiency and ease of operation resonates with smaller farms.


Kubota (Japan)

Primarily known for tractors, Kubota is expanding its harvester portfolio with offerings like the MC series, targeting small and medium-sized farms. Their focus on user-friendliness and reliability positions them well for further growth.


ISEKI (Japan)

Renowned for their compact and maneuverable harvesters, ISEKI aims to aid smaller farms and specific crop needs. Their TX series, designed for rice harvesting, showcases their adaptability.


Pickett Equipment (Canada)

Specializing in high-capacity, self-propelled harvesters for demanding terrain, Pickett’s TerraStar series, like the TerraStar 8740, tackles large-scale operations with efficiency.


Versatile (Canada)

Focusing on high-horsepower and high-capacity machines, Versatile’s Odyssey series, including the Odyssey II, is known for its power and productivity in large-scale grain harvesting.


Preet Agro (India)

A major player in the Indian market, Preet Agro offers a range of combine harvesters suited to diverse needs and budgets. Their Maha Shakti series is built for small and medium-sized farms, contributing to their local market share.


Rostselmash (Russia)

The largest agricultural machinery manufacturer in Russia, Rostselmash produces a wide range of harvesters under the TORUM and ACROS brands. These machines are created for various farm sizes and are known for their affordability and durability.


Today we had a look at the Top 15 combine harvester producers. Innovation and efficiency drive this crucial industry. From global giants like John Deere dominating large-scale operations to niche players like Yanmar with machines for specific needs.

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