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Global energy security and sustainable development are two sides of the same coin, representing the critical pillars of a secure and prosperous future. Global energy security refers to a nation or region’s ability to ensure reliable and affordable access to energy supplies to meet its present and future needs. Sustainable development emphasizes meeting the current generation’s needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own.

Atlantic Project Cargo goes beyond simply being a logistics provider,” says Maryanna Serafinas, CEO. “We see ourselves as partners in progress for the agricultural and energy sectors.”

“Our focus on transporting oversized farm, construction, and industrial equipment isn’t just about overcoming logistical hurdles. We deliver high-tech and heavy machinery to regions worldwide, and this allows us to build sustainable supply chains. As a result, we help to boost production capabilities.”

Overview of Atlantic Project Cargo

Atlantic Project Cargo is a company specializing in the transportation of oversized and heavy cargo. They operate within the logistics and transportation industry as a freight forwarder.
  • Project Cargo Expertise
    Atlantic Project Cargo focuses on handling large, complex shipments that require special handling due to size or weight. This includes things like construction equipment, agricultural equipment, yachts, and industrial machinery.
  • Freight Forwarding
    They act as an intermediary between businesses and various transportation providers. They manage the entire shipping process, including finding the most efficient routes, negotiating rates, and ensuring proper documentation.
  • Multimodal Capabilities
    Atlantic Project Cargo can arrange transportation via various means, including sea, air, road, or rail, depending on the specific needs of the project.

In essence, they act as a one-stop shop for businesses that need to move oversized or heavy equipment globally, ensuring the entire process is handled efficiently and securely.

Atlantic Project Cargo’s Role in Global Energy Security

Given their expertise in project cargo, Atlantic Project Cargo employs a multi-step approach to handle the transportation of critical energy infrastructure and industrial machinery. This includes:

  • Route Selection
    The company analyzes the dimensions and weight of the components to determine the most suitable transportation route. This might involve a combination of sea, air, or land transport depending on the size, final destination, and urgency. Factors like bridge clearances, road restrictions, and port facilities are also considered;
  • Packing and Securing
    Fragile components like solar panels require specialized packing to prevent damage during transit. The company works with packaging engineers to design custom crates or utilize shock-absorbing materials;
  • Permitting and Documentation
    Oversized cargo often requires special permits for road or oversized vehicle transportation. They handle obtaining necessary permits and ensures all customs documentation is accurate and complete to avoid delays.


Moreover, Atlantic Project Cargo are experts in transportation management and can assist with:

  • Contracting Carriers
    Depending on the chosen route, Atlantic Project Cargo secures contracts with reliable carriers specializing in oversized cargo. This could involve ocean freighters, heavy-lift aircraft, or specialized trucking companies with the appropriate trailers and permits;
  • Escort and Monitoring
    Oversized cargo movements on land might require police escorts to ensure safety and manage traffic flow. The company coordinates this and monitor the entire journey with GPS tracking or communication with drivers.
  • Offloading and Installation
    The final stage involves careful offloading at the destination. Atlantic Project Cargo collaborates with crane companies or specialized riggers to ensure safe and secure placement of the components, potentially even assisting with initial assembly on-site.

Types of Equipment Shipped by Atlantic Project Cargo

Among the main types of equipment shipped by the company are:

  • Wind Turbines
    These devices require careful planning due to their massive blades. Atlantic Project Cargo uses specialized trailers and cranes for transportation and on-site assembly;
  • Solar Panels
    While individual panels are light, large-scale solar farm shipments involve significant volume. The company maximizes container space and utilizes flat-rack containers for oversized panels;
  • Industrial Machinery
    Their expertise allows them to handle a vast array of equipment, ensuring safe and efficient delivery to their destinations. Here are some of the common types of oversized industrial machinery they ship: construction equipment, agricultural equipment, mining equipment, manufacturing machinery, generators, and much more.

Contribution to Sustainable Development

A company’s true commitment to its customers is often most evident during moments of crisis. In February 2022, the outbreak of war in Ukraine resulted in significant logistical challenges, including port closures, physical threats within the Black Sea region, and disruptions to the global supply chain. Amidst these difficulties, Atlantic Project Cargo demonstrated their dedication to its clients.

Approximately one hundred units of agricultural machinery, critical to Ukrainian agricultural operations, became stranded at sea. Recognizing the urgency, Atlantic Project Cargo, in collaboration with its established partners, promptly devised a cost-effective solution. This solution entailed rerouting the equipment via alternative land and rail transportation. This remarkable achievement, accomplished within a two-week timeframe, exemplifies the company’s agility and commitment to exceptional customer service, even in the face of the most formidable circumstances.

Support for Renewable Energy Projects

Atlantic Project Cargo plays a significant role in the growth of renewable energy by specializing in transporting essential components. Renewable energy projects often require massive machinery and components for example hydroelectric equipment. Their experience in handling oversized cargo makes them well-suited for transporting these components. Moreover, the company facilitates trade between various countries, which is crucial as renewable energy components are often manufactured in one location and installed in another.


By bridging the gap between energy production and project execution, Atlantic Project Cargo establishes itself as a critical partner in the pursuit of global energy security and sustainable development. Their expertise in transporting complex, oversized equipment ensures the timely and secure delivery of components vital for both traditional and renewable energy infrastructure.

The company’s commitment extends beyond mere logistics. Their ability to adapt and problem-solve, as demonstrated during the Ukraine crisis, underscores their dedication to client success.

In conclusion, Atlantic Project Cargo plays a versatile role in shaping a secure and sustainable global energy landscape. Their focus on innovation, adaptability, and client service positions them as a vital player in this ongoing transformation.