Combine OXBO DB18 shipped by Atlantic Project Cargo

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Shipping the Mighty Combine OXBO DB18: A Testament to Precision and Expertise

In the realm of modern farming, the combine harvester stands as a titan. These machines, with their expansive grain tanks, wide swathers, and cutting-edge software, have revolutionized the way we cultivate vast stretches of land. The Combine OXBO DB18 is no exception. As a piece of machinery that can be valued at hundreds of thousands of dollars, ensuring its safe and secure transportation becomes paramount. This is where our expertise at Atlantic Project Cargo comes into play.

Understanding the Magnitude of the Task

The Combine OXBO DB18 is not just any machine; it’s a behemoth. Falling into the oversize category, transporting such a machine requires meticulous planning and adherence to specific rules. While some regions offer exemptions for transporting oversized farming equipment, it’s crucial to be well-versed with the regulations of the area you’re operating in. This ensures that the necessary flags, lights, and signs are in place, and if required, the appropriate permits and escort vehicles are arranged.

Why Choose Atlantic Project Cargo?

At Atlantic Project Cargo, we don’t just transport machinery; we transport trust. Our team comprises experienced drivers who understand the intricacies of transporting heavy-duty machinery. With full cargo insurance in place, we ensure that your machinery is not only transported safely but is also protected throughout its journey.

Moreover, our commitment to safety is unwavering. Before embarking on the journey, our drivers conduct a thorough safety check to ensure the load is securely in place and won’t shift during transport. This meticulous approach ensures that your machinery reaches its destination on schedule, every time.

Time and Distance: A Testament to Our Efficiency

Shipping a machine of this magnitude is not just about ensuring its safety; it’s also about efficiency. The entire process, from loading the combine onto the RGN truck to its final delivery in the destination country, was executed within a stipulated timeframe. This efficiency ensures that our clients can get their machinery up and running without any undue delays.

Choosing the Right Mode of Transport

The key to safely transporting a machine as massive and valuable as the Combine OXBO DB18 lies in selecting the right trailer. Given the machine’s dimensions and weight, which can often surpass 16,000kg, it’s essential to opt for a trailer that can not only accommodate its size but also its weight. This is where the removable gooseneck trailer (RGN) becomes the preferred choice. RGN trailers are designed to detach from the semi-truck, acting as a ramp, facilitating the smooth loading and unloading of the combine. Their low-to-the-ground design ensures ample clearance, making them ideal for such tasks.

The International Shipping of the Combine OXBO DB18

Our recent project involved shipping the Combine OXBO DB18. The first leg of its journey was on an RGN truck, ensuring its safe transit on the road. Given the machine’s stature, our team ensured that all overhead wires and underpasses on the route were accounted for. Once the road journey was completed, the combine was then transported via an Ocean flat rack to its destination country. This dual-mode of transport ensured that the machine reached its destination in the same pristine condition it was handed to us.

The Combine OXBO DB18 is a marvel of modern farming machinery. Its transportation requires a blend of expertise, precision, and commitment to safety. At Atlantic Project Cargo, we pride ourselves on delivering all three. So, if you’re looking to transport your Combine OXBO DB18 or any other piece of agricultural equipment, look no further. With us, you’re not just choosing a transport service; you’re choosing peace of mind.

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