Excavator John Deere 350G shipped by Atlantic Project Cargo

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International Shipping of the John Deere 350G Excavator

In the realm of heavy machinery and construction equipment, the John Deere 350G Excavator stands as a testament to engineering excellence and robust design. Recently, we undertook a project that involved the international shipping of this behemoth, and it was nothing short of a thrilling experience.

Understanding the John Deere 350G Excavator

Before diving into the shipping details, it’s essential to understand the John Deere 350G Excavator’s specifications. With an operating length of 36 ft 9 in, a width of 11 ft 2 in, and a height of 11 ft 10 in, this machine is a force to be reckoned with. Weighing in at a hefty 80985 lbs, transporting such a machine requires meticulous planning, expertise, and the right equipment.

The Shipping Process

When our team received the call to ship the John Deere 350G Excavator internationally, we knew we were up for a challenge. But with years of experience under our belt, we were confident in our approach. The first step involved acquiring all the necessary paperwork for international shipping. This is crucial as different countries have varying regulations and requirements.
Given the excavator’s size and weight, a flat rack was the ideal choice for ocean shipping. Flat racks are specifically designed for heavy machinery and oversized cargo, making them perfect for our needs. The loading process was smooth, thanks to our trained professionals who ensured that the excavator was securely fastened and ready for its journey across the Atlantic.

Why Choose Us for Your Shipping Needs?

Our team’s dedication and commitment to excellence set us apart. We understand the intricacies involved in shipping heavy machinery, especially internationally. Our professionals undergo rigorous training to ensure they handle every piece of equipment with the utmost care. From the moment we pick up the machinery to the time it’s delivered, we ensure it remains in pristine condition.

Furthermore, our services are competitively priced without any hidden charges. We believe in transparency and always ensure our clients are well-informed throughout the shipping process.

The international shipping of the John Deere 350G Excavator was a resounding success, thanks to our team’s expertise and dedication. If you’re in the market for reliable and professional shipping services, look no further. With our track record and commitment to excellence, we guarantee a seamless shipping experience every time.

Remember, when it comes to shipping heavy machinery, especially internationally, it’s crucial to partner with a trusted provider. And that’s where we come in. With our expertise, resources, and dedication, we ensure that your machinery reaches its destination safely and on time.

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