Small Construction Equipment shipped by Atlantic Project Cargo

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In the ever-evolving world of construction, the need for efficient and safe transportation of heavy machinery is paramount. Atlantic Project Cargo, a global leader in freight logistic international services, specializes in the multimodal transportation of oversized and heavy equipment. With a keen focus on agricultural and construction equipment, they have established themselves as the go-to solution for businesses worldwide.

Excavator Kubota KX080-4S

The Kubota KX080-4S is a renowned excavator known for its efficiency and durability. With features such as a blade lift height of 19.7 inches, a maximum digging depth of 15.1 feet, and an engine power of 62.3 hp, it's no wonder that businesses worldwide trust this machine for their heavy-duty construction needs. The excavator's versatility is further highlighted by its impressive reach along the ground, which stands at 23.6 feet.

Tractor Case 580SM

The Case 580SM is a backhoe loader that has made a significant mark in the construction industry. Available on platforms like eBay, this machine is known for its efficiency, durability, and high performance. With features like 4x4 drive, extendahoe, and a comfortable cabin, it's a favorite among construction professionals.

Soil Compactors CS423E

The CS423E Soil Compactor by Caterpillar is another gem in the world of construction. With an operating weight of 15410.29 lbs and a gross power of 83.14 HP, this machine is designed for optimal soil compaction. The CS423E is powered by the Caterpillar® 3054C diesel engine, ensuring exceptional performance on both flat and aggressive terrains. Its dual propel pumps and vibratory system are just a few features that make it stand out in the industry.

The Future of Construction Equipment Shipping

In a world where construction needs are ever-growing, the importance of reliable equipment shipping cannot be overstated. Atlantic Project Cargo, with its expertise, commitment to customer satisfaction, and comprehensive services, is paving the way for a brighter, more efficient future in construction equipment shipping.

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